shut up.

It’s true…sometimes silence really is golden.

To begin, I already know this might not be my most positive post, but I’ve been struggling lately.  And when I struggle, I resort to writing when all else fails.  Normally it’d be in the sanctuary of my journal, but then I remember that I started this little thing called a blog.

I could claim all I want that what I’ve been struggling with is all the stress that comes with transferring to a four-year university and moving to a new state, but if I’m being 110% honest, I’m really just struggling with myself.  It’s nothing new to me, but I have not been acknowledging it as intensely as I used to.

I’ve always been a communicator.  I thrive on communication, especially through my writing.  However, when it comes to interacting with people I love the most, face-to-face conversation is essential, which requires not being able to think my words through as carefully as I could in writing.

My temper often gets the best of me, and some days are harder than others to gain control of it.  I’ve realized, maybe it’s best to just shut up and start keeping more & more of my opinions and points of view to myself until I learn to be better.

Not only will that allow others to say what they want to tell me, but it will also save an entire argument as well as the heat & frustration I would feel otherwise.  I know how dangerous bottling things up could get, but it’s worth a shot if it’ll make things better by the slightest.

I was always one to speak my mind, fight for what I believe is right, and express every emotion that hits me… what can I say; I’m an open book.

But people around me, whether they know it or not, have taught me that maybe it’d be best for me to make some changes, at least for a little while.



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