count your blessings

Count the really good ones TWICE.

A few birthdays ago, I received a card from a family member with something along the lines of, “Count your REALLY good blessings twice” on the cover, and it stuck with me.  I kept that card in my car as a reminder to always find moments every now & then to take some time to appreciate everything you have & everyone who has stuck around.

Today was a good day.

After a tough past few days, I needed this day filled with simple things that made it all seem a little easier to handle.

This post is not meant to be sappy & all about my boyfriend, but it’ll start off that way; bear with me.

I was inspired to write this because my boyfriend & I spent our free time laughing through the beginning of Pink Panther until we both had to leave for work.  I bought my iced coffee for the day, and it was all uphill from there.  Then the rest of the night consisted of little things that kept me smiling.

We went on a food run, and it started to DOWNPOUR.  The line was super long to order, so we used that time to contemplate over whether or not we remembered to close the car windows… It was hilarious, and everybody near us probably heard our entire conversation & saw the way our faces lit up while looking at each other & laughing together without a care in the world about anything else. (By the way, the windows were, in fact, shut all the way, and all was well.) On the late night drive home, we blasted music & sang songs at the top of our lungs, even when we didn’t know the lyrics, so we just made up our own words. We got home, he made his lunch for work the next day, and so many things went wrong! He broke a huge knife, cut up too many ingredients, dropped some lettuce, etc. I was literally on the floor laughing ’til tears came out of my eyes.  Then we spent about 20 minutes on a mission to get rid of a bunch of house flies together.

These events were so random, but it’s moments like those where not only do I stop & take a second to look him in the eye & remind him how much I love him, but these moments remain in my mind when I get home, & they show up as the smile on my face until I fall asleep.  These little moments are when I am truly myself with someone I love, & they all add up to why I have motivation to get out of bed every morning & why I am able to radiate to others the happiness I feel when I realize how fortunate I am.

Like I said, this not only applies to memories I share with my boyfriend, but with all the other people in my life who I know I can count on no matter the weather, time of day or situation.

In addition to my boyfriend, this is for my parents, my stepdad, my cousin Rohn, my “Mijas” from Dick’s Sporting Goods, & my best friend Laura: I am forever grateful for all of them.  They’re the ones I know I could call in the middle of the night, and I know they would try anything & everything to make me feel whole again.  When I’m with them, I am not afraid to be my complete self because I know they wouldn’t judge me or put me down.  Whether I simply need someone to rant my problems to, if I’m stuck in a sticky situation, or if I just really want to have a fun time, they will be there. This world needs more people like them because THOSE are the people everyone should search for & surround themselves with.  

And if you already have your really good blessings, make sure you constantly show them your appreciation to let them know you’re counting them twice.  If you’re having a bad day/week/month, maybe you just need to go on a late night drive & sing ’til your voice is gone, or read a good book, or start working out again, or go have breakfast with your best friends.

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