“Solitude is crucial to personal growth.”

Know when you need a day, or even just a few hours, completely with yourself.

If you’re not sleeping when you desire because your mind is clouded with the pressures of the world & those around you, you need this.


If you’re spending every day having to remind yourself to take slower, deeper breaths, you need this.

If you’re finding yourself faking smiles & forcing yourself to feel satisfaction from the company of others, you need this.

Being comfortable with spending time alone is SO important & i cannot stress that enough. Take yourself out for an overpriced cup of coffee. Voluntarily listen to every thought that your mind comes across, absorb them, positive or negative, & exhale.  Just exhale.

Once you master the comfort in solitude, I guarantee you will feel rejuvenated after you feed your soul with the simple things you love.  Maybe you forgot the things you love during all the chaos, and maybe that’s why your headspace is unclear in the first place.  Make the time to rediscover those things on your own so that you are better able to appreciate moments you share with others.



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